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NFL Betting Trends Week 6 – Trend Wisely

Week 5 was a tough week all around for the NFL sports betting community. Anytime we have outright wins from +380 (Raiders) and +310 (Dolphins) underdogs and unders hit as often as overs, it’s probably not going to look great on the betting slips. If you are feeling down in the dumps (I am after a 5-10 record last week on target sides/totals), don’t worry I have been reading that a lot of the sharps out there had a rough go of it as well. We knew the weird week was coming soon (even though we predicted it back in Week 3), but every season we get a couple of these and I think Week 5 was just about as weird as it gets. Keep in mind, we almost saw outright wins from touchdown-plus underdogs in the Giants, Vikings, and Chargers.

Let’s keep the weird voodoo magic in last weekend, and move on to week 6. The NFL has been absolutely scrambling with schedule changes due to COVID, but the stars have aligned this week and we have some awesome primetime matchups. Green Bay plays Tampa Bay in what is essentially an island game in the Sunday afternoon