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Casinopro.se is a Swedish online casino review site that was established in 2014 by a distinguished Sweden-based web host company called MediaClever Sverige AB. The company also deals in search engine optimization and affiliation and it’s owned by Ermin Rajic.

While a good number of the games endorsed on Casinopro are licensed by reputable gambling agencies, it’s worth noting that the site seems to endorse a great deal of casinos licensed by the Swedish Gaming Authority. Nevertheless, Casinopro has significantly expanded its operations since it was established.

If you’re searching for casinos that offer Swedish players low wagering requirements, free spins, deposit bonuses, and a whole range of great deals and offers, then you should definitely visit Casinopro.

What makes Casinopro the most reliable place to go for online casino information?

You already probably know that nowadays there are numerous online scams and it’s quite easy to fall prey to online scammers purporting to be genuine online casinos. That’s why you have to be wise and careful before you decide to venture into playing any casino games that you may come across online. Besides offering reliable information about some of the best online casinos for Swedish players, Casinopro comes with a ton load of other valuable features.

  • The site allows you to compare various bonus offers so that you can choose the most lucrative deals
  • It provides you with the most current news and goings-on in the Swedish casino industry
  • It recommends only licensed, secure, and safe online casinos
  • It offers