Finding the Best Online Casino Bonuses – Online Gambling Bonus Tips –


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Online casino bonuses all have one thing in common: they give you the opportunity to earn extra money on the side of playing casino games.

Therefore, you may be excited about any bonus opportunity that comes your way. But you should definitely be selective when considering these offers.

After all, some bonus deals are more valuable than others. They provide extra value relative to what you must bet to earn them.

This guide discusses the main traits that you should look for when considering casino offers. It also covers how you can calculate bonus value on a per-dollar scale.

What Makes a Casino Bonus Valuable?

You can’t just look at one single aspect to judge the quality of online casino bonuses. Instead, you should consider all of the factors presented below.

Bonus Size

A bonus’ size takes center stage when you’re truly looking to cash in on a deal. If you’re a mid or high roller, then you’ll probably want the most cash possible.

In this case, you should seek deals that offer up to $500 or more. Many gaming sites provide this kind of bonus cash. Therefore, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a huge offer.

Match Percentage

A big bonus is nice. But how much do you need to deposit to truly take advantage of it?

The bonus match percentage answers this question. It determines what you must deposit to get whatever you’re looking for out of a deal.

The following example shows