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I have the great pleasure of working with state legislators around the country to protect and expand reproductive freedom. However, the lessons they’ve taught me are more than just political, they’re life lessons. Here are a few of my favorites from this year.

Bring your full self to your work.

The only Black woman legislator in Kentucky’s legislature, Representative Attica Scott, knows she can’t separate her life and her humanity from her job as a legislator. She drives the state’s efforts to address racial disparities in maternal health and access to reproductive health care. Rep. Scott is also a leader in demanding justice after the murder of Breonna Taylor; she’s been on the front lines of community organizing and holding police accountable, channeling the pain and outrage in Louisville and around the world into making change.

Another great example of this is the work of Nevada Assemblywoman, Rochelle Nguyen, who shared what it’s like being the first Democratic Asian American and Pacific Islander person to serve in the Nevada Legislature, which is also the nation’s first majority-female legislature. The anti-Asian racism she and her community have endured and forcefully condemned during the COVID-19 pandemic is outrageous. Her vulnerability in sharing her stories and helping the people in her district is inspiring.

Use the tools you have available.

If we waited for everything to be perfect before moving forward, we’d be stuck in place forever. As with most people, the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way legislators