Six Tips for Sports Betting in 2020—New Tactics –


Six Tips & Tactics for 2020 Sports Betting

Six Tips for Sports Betting in 2020—New Tactics

You’ve heard countless stories of how people made millions betting on sports. But you tried their tactics and failed. What should you do? What tips can you follow to win sports bets consistently?

Start by choosing a sport. It’s a cliché. But you’ve got to start somewhere. So, select your favorite game and learn all you can about it. Many successful punters don’t gamble on everything. They specialize in something.

With that in mind, below is a list of some new tactics that can save you time and increase your ROI as a sports bettor.

Focus on the Odds, not the Teams

Perhaps the biggest mistake sports bettors make is to select betting markets based on the popularity of a team. Let’s say Barcelona has a game against Espanyol. But on the other side, there’s a derby between Westham and Crystal Palace.

Many people will focus on the Barcelona game because it’s a big club. When it comes to betting, though, the focus should always lie on what odds give you the most money. How much can you make from a bet?

If Barcelona has odds 1.20 to win, while both Westham and Palace have odds 2.0 or higher, you should focus on the latter. The London derby attracts a 100% profit, whereas the Laliga giant will earn you 20%.

Crucially, value bets don’t exist solely in the confines of match winners. Totals, both teams to