Shenmue III guide – How to have plenty of cash early on – PC Invasion


Shenmue III is obviously not the first game in the series to have money, but it is the first that requires you to buy groceries regularly. And why not? Ryo’s always had a curfew, so why shouldn’t he need to eat too? I’m just glad they didn’t give him regular bowel movements. So, you’re going to need cash, and you’re going to need it regularly. Much like previous games, there’s more than one way to do this. If you’re roleplaying and want to be super honest, you can get a job. But if you’re like me, you don’t have time for honesty. Here’s how you make some serious bank with minimal effort in Bailu Village.

The angel and the gambler

Now, as you’re almost certainly aware, Shenmue III has gambling. There are a fair amount of options in Bailu for making bets, but one is just simpler than the others. In front of Tao’s store is a fenced-off section filled with gambling booths that require tokens. You might be more inclined to try your luck by betting with money instead of tokens further into the village, but the rewards are really quite small and not worth your time.

Screenshot (28)

Roll on the dice, take a spin on the wheel. Out of your hands now, so how does it feel?

When gambling for tokens, though, the amount you can make increases drastically. Now, the max bet you can make here is